Anonymous asked: Sei sempre molto gentile. Grazie per le tue risposte. A volte mi chiedo quanto possa costarti (in termini di tempo) seguire un blog conosciuto come questo, tra impegni universitari e quant'altro. E non lasci mai nessuna domanda da parte. Ti stimo molto <3

Nessun problema! E grazie ♥

(Per quanto riguarda il tempo dipende, quando ho aperto questo blog decisamente non mi aspettavo che sarebbe diventato così conosciuto, ma per fortuna tumblr ha qualche opzione che permette di “spartire” un po’ il lavoro nei giorni in cui ho più tempo libero XD)



Day 20: Favorite character farewell - Misty (Gotta catch ya later!)

Well Ash Ketchum. Finally I know how you feel about me.

Anonymous asked: Who do you think you're more similar to, Ash or Misty?

I don’t think I’m particularly similar to either, honestly, but maybe Ash I guess? I’m extremely stubborn, can be quite naive (particularly in regards to IRL romantic situations that involve my person), can get overconfident in my skills which often bites me in the ass, and tend to not consider my own well-being if I think something/someone else is presently more important…

I’m also very much unlike him in a lot of ways, though.



One of the reasons I love Pokeshipping so much is because Ash and Misty share such mutual hostility towards outside interference. Between Melody, Latias/Bianca, and Macy, as well as between Danny, Rudy, and Fiorello, their reactions are comically similar to one another’s.

Even though the two of them are immature, are kids, they still instinctively act the same way towards competition. They never react that way towards other ships/characters/possibilities.

dchan87 asked: I know you wrote a fic where Ash and Misty joined Team Rocket, but I just wanted to commit some shameless self-promotion and inform you that I wrote one myself, called "The Rocket Twerps" and I'd love it if you'd check it out! Thanks!

I’ll check it out when I have some time! :)

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Brock-senpai didn’t notice me.
Oh hey, Misty got another Staryu!  That must be the third one, now?


Brock-senpai didn’t notice me.

Oh hey, Misty got another Staryu!  That must be the third one, now?

Anonymous asked: If you were a gym leader what type would your gym be?

Probably Ice. It’s not my absolute favorite type, but it’s the one I think I’d be more comfortable to be around all the time.

(Fire, Ghost and maybe Water would come first in order of preference, but a) I’m scared of fire and can’t stand heat so Fire’s out, b) I’m also scared of some things associated with ghosts so Ghost is also out, and c) I’ve nearly drowned twice in my life so Water is probably not a good idea either.)



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